Remnants of age-old craftsmanship can still be found in the Rose Valley.  They are visible in castles, churches and in the mountains, or on rocks of once mighty fortresses. Modern art, figurines, the history of hunting and handmade artefacts are displayed in various museums in and around the valley.

Art and Culture

The old tradition of metal work in this region has always been fascinating.  Myths and legends dating back five thousand years tell stories of highly skilled craftsmen who moulded and fashioned iron between the embers of anvil and hammer.  The blacksmith is a symbol of creative craftsmen.

In Ferlach, the Gunsmiths are internationally renowned for their quality and detail. The precision which goes into their engraving is well-known.  There is a hunter’s museum at “Schloss Ferlach”.

Handmade art and Gunsmiths

Currently there is an exhibition on at the Draustau (in Selkach, Maria Elend) by the Hoke brothers called „“.

On a peninsula at the reservoir on the River Drau near Selkach, in the village of Ludmannsdorf, a land-art project on the “Zikkurat” designed by the Hoke brothers can be seen.  It is based on the symbiotic relationship between water, art and nature.

Found in Selkach and  Maria Elend in the district of Ludmannsdorf.

Local/Land Art

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