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1st April till 31th December

Closed on
Mondays and Tuesdays

Open on Public Holidays
Open Daily in July and August.

The sun
 in Rosental

The aroma of freshly mown hay and the rich fragrant scent of blossoming meadows let you enjoy and relax in Carinthia’s Mediterranean-like climate.

Discover the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna in this region.  In the village of Bodental, one can still find rare plants like lady’s-slipper orchid (genus Cypripedium) and Carniolen Lily (Lilium carniolicum).

The Carnica Bees, known worldwide for their docility and diligence, were once an important form of income for the beekeepers.  Today they still buzz around, dusting and pollinating the blossoms of fruit trees and make the sweetest honey.

From Spring til late Autumn

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