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The Drau Cycling Route, from the Dolomites in Linz, through the splendour of Carinthia’s lake country, ending in Marburg, Slovenia is 460 km long.

For the family, this idyllic cycling route through the Rose Valley has a magical view of the Karawanken Mountains in the south and the Drau River flowing alongside in the north.  Along the way, there are many little eateries and cafes where one can break for a snack and natural lakes where one can enjoy a refreshing dip.

For the more adventurous, there are also many well-marked mountain bike routes which scale steep upwards.  If you make it to the summit and the sun is shining, you will be rewarded with a unique panorama of the Karawanken Mountains.

easy-going or sport orientated
The Drau Cycling Route : Villach to Völkermarkt

The Drau Cycling Route largely guides you on good tracks along the River Drau, through the magic of the Rose Valley.  The landscape varies from impressive rocks, old castles and clear water lakes.  The highlight of the journey is the gunsmith town of Ferlach where it is definitely worth a visit.

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